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 MRP Advisers Overview

MRP Advisers LLC is the leading strategy and operations consultancy and managed service firm specializing in Media and Marketing Resource Planning and Execution. MRP Advisers has four complementary lines of business: MRP Consulting, MRP Managed Service Platform, MRP Business Process Outsourcing, and MediaTrader Market-Making. The company is headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, U.S.A. with offices in Mysuru, Karnataka, India.

MRP Consulting advises leading marketers, publishers, agencies, and their suppliers on media and marketing resource planning, namely, how to generate incremental revenue and profits—as well as insights—while reducing operating costs and headcount. MRP Consulting’s team includes some of the nation’s leading experts in digital and programmatic Ad Tech and Mar Tech.

MRP Managed Service Platform supports clients seeking to implement and manage digital media and marketing systems, processes and solutions. Our multi-million dollar investment in technology and processes coupled with our low cost operations in India inspire clients to outsource their digital media and marketing needs to us for a fraction of the investment and ongoing costs they would incur on their own. Each application is purpose built and customized to specific client needs.

MRP Managed Service Platform includes SalesforceTM Data Management Platform-as-a-Service, MRP DatalyticsTM, and a meta-DSP/SSP trading desk.

Salesforce DMP-as-a-Service is a full-function Salesforce-certified staffed alternative providing clients either access to our robust implementation of Salesforce DMP or their own Salesforce DMP license managed by our team.

With our proprietary MRP DatalyticsTM unified reporting, analytics and visualization tool, MRP offers clients comprehensive on-demand business intelligence. Our MRP Trading Desk has set out to remove the “black box” nature of buying and selling digital media, providing media buyers and sellers a fully transparent, affordable solution.

The MRP Managed Service Platform is staffed 24x7x365 by proven specialists saving clients money and time, achieving transparent, accountable performance while delivering meaningfully greater value.

MRP Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) leverages MRP Advisers’ flexible onshore-offshore staffing model offering clients a broad and deep range of affordable, transparently-priced technology-enabled and/or pure labor-based media and marketing services. These services are available to be performed remotely or on-site with or without supervision.

 What We Do

MRP Advisers is a leading marketing and media consultancy focused on improving programmatic media and marketing performance efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. MRP Advisers’ consultants help client marketers, publishers, agencies, and data/technology vendors fill the void caused by insufficient proven, relevant professionals and teams. MRP Advisers meets and overcomes the end-to-end challenges of evaluating, planning, deploying, and optimizing modern media and marketing resource planning (MRP) tools. Our subject matter experts, engagement teams, and interim senior managers employ a top-down, bottom-up multidisciplinary, multifunctional approach to solving these problems for clients.

Who We Are

We are specialists in media content and ad inventory, traditional and digital marketing, and markets. Our leadership team is comprised of proven senior executives with decades of experience leading global digital media and marketing companies.

Who We Serve

The MRP Advisers team works with advertisers, agencies, publishers, trading desks, content creators/distributors, and those that support them including data/technology companies, consulting firms, and investment firms.

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