Advertiser / Agency Managed Service Platform

We are an audience specialist with distinct media trading, data and analytic skills and experience operating a highly focused performance-driven media trading business at scale. In addition to our current audience segments, perhaps we can create and execute something special for you. Let us know what is on your mind. MRP is not an ad agency nor an ad network. Nor do we sell data or technology.

The MRP Trading Desk sets up campaigns and targeting for delivery and optimization and executes all programmatic buys in AppNexus and/or any other designated activation platform.

Acxiom LiveRamp onboards client CRM PII data and distributes to Salesforce DMP, AppNexus, and/or any other designated activation platform.

In Salesforce DMP, the MRP Trading Desk analyzes the audience, models, develops segments and optimizes audiences for activation and targeting in AppNexus and/or any other designated activation platform.

In Cake, the MRP Trading Desk tracks the results of the campaigns and feed the data back to their systems and personnel for analysis, optimization and reporting.

MRP Datalytics™ is the unified analysis and reporting engine integrating data from the various data sources delivering daily, weekly and end of campaign analysis and reporting.

Full Service Programmatic Desktop / Mobile Buying

The MRP dedicated campaign manager assigned to your account will launch, manage, and optimize campaigns to meet your client goals.

Our staff of traders know where and when to target your audience and effectively convert them across all formats, devices and channels.

We have expert knowledge of advanced targeting capabilities allowing us to drill down and reach hard to find audiences.

We are experienced in cross-platform targeting knowing how to target users across all their devices.

Our analytics team will review and analyze campaign performance and optimize daily to accelerate your campaign’s success.

Targeting Methodologies

The MRP Trading Desk tests, deploys, and optimizes the most effective targeting strategy to ensure a successful campaign.


  • Prospecting
  • 1st Party Data
  • 2nd Party Data
  • 3rd Party Data
  • Re-targeting
  • Contextual/Semantic
  • Behavioral


  • Conquesting
  • Custom Modeling
  • A.I.-based custom algos
  • Cross-channel targeting
  • Omnichannel execution

Data Handling Capabilities

The MRP Trading Desk is fully capable of handling all 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data including secure PII analytics and data onboarding.

The MRP Trading Desk manages data across all platforms to optimize campaign reach and targeting to achieve advertiser and business goals

  • 1st Party data – Advertiser data, collected or integrated for targeting and modeling into SF DMP and AppNexus. CRM data management, handling, attribute development, analytics and onboarding available
  • 2nd Party data – the Publisher and/or marketer data, collected or integrated for targeting and modeling into SF DMP and/or AppNexus
  • 3rd Party data – Commercial targeting data, Acxiom, LiveRamp, DLX, etc.
  • Targeting Segments are built using 3rd party data in SF DMP and/or AppNexus and costs are dependent on pass through data cost CPM

Enhancements Available

  • Brand Safety ensures ads appear within brand appropriate environments
  • Fraud protection protects against nonhuman traffic or bots registering impressions or clicks on ad units
  • Integrated with third party measurements and verification vendors including DV and IAS to block fraud on a pre-bid basis and filter suspicious traffic
  • Viewability verification tools are also employed to help increase viewability metrics
  • Attribution Modeling
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