Data Science Intern

Title: Data Science Intern

Employer: MRP Advisers India

Reports to: MRP Data Scientist

Location: Mysuru, Karnataka, India


About MRP Advisers

MRP Advisers LLC ( is the leading strategy and operations consultancy and managed services firm specializing in Media and Marketing Resource Planning and Execution. The company is headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, U.S.A. with offices in Mysuru, Karnataka, India.  MRP Advisers has four complimentary lines of business: MRP Consulting, MRP Managed Services, MRP Business Process Outsourcing, and MediaTrader Market-Making.

MRP Consulting advises leading publishers, marketers, agencies and their suppliers on media and marketing resource planning, namely how to maximize incremental revenue and profits—as well as insights—while reducing operating costs and headcount. MRP Consulting’s team includes some of the nation’s leading experts in digital and programmatic Ad Tech and Mar Tech.

MRP Managed Services operates a Managed Services Platform on behalf of clients seeking to implement and manage digital media and marketing systems, processes and solutions. With our multi-million dollar investment in technology and processes, coupled with our low-cost operations in India, clients outsource their digital media and marketing needs to us for a fraction of the investment and ongoing costs they would incur on their own. Each application is purpose built and customized to specific client needs.

The MRP Managed Service Platform includes MRP DatalyticsTM, SalesforceTM Data Management Platform-as-a-Service, and a meta-DSP/SSP Media Trading Desk.

Our proprietary MRP ETLTM tool integrates disparate audience-related data sources including 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data for Pre-Processing and Onboarding purposes.  With our proprietary MRP DatalyticsTM end-to-end reporting, analytics and visualization tool, MRP offers clients comprehensive on-demand business intelligence. Salesforce DMP-as-a-Service is a full-function Salesforce-certified staffed DMP providing clients access to our robust implementation of the Salesforce DMP or their own Salesforce DMP license managed by our team.

Our Media Trading Desk has set out to remove the “black box” nature of buying and selling digital media, providing media buyers and sellers with a fully transparent, high value solution.

The MRP Managed Services Platform is staffed 24x7x365 by proven specialists who increase our clients’ revenue while saving client’s money and time achieving transparent, accountable performance while delivering meaningfully – often measurably – greater value.

MRP Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) leverages MRP Advisers’ flexible onshore-offshore staffing model offering clients a broad and deep range of affordable, transparently-priced technology-enabled and/or pure labor-based media and marketing services. These services are available to be performed remotely or on-site with or without supervision.

MediaTrader is the market-making business of MRP Advisers.

Job Description

MRP Advisers is seeking data science and machine learning interns to join the MRP’s growing Data Science team. The DS Intern works as a member of the team that defines, describes, architects, reports on, analyzes, predicts, and proscribes all audience, campaign and related programmatic media trading data as well as select client-focused Managed Services and Outsourced Services on behalf of select supply-side and demand-side clients. The DS supports all managers and teammates in their day-to-day media trading desk activities across a variety of digital and offline media channels including: display, mobile, video, social, native, and advanced TV/Audio ad products.

Key Qualifications

  • Prior experience with machine learning theory and practice, particularly neural networks and sequence-based models.
  • Prior experience using statistics and machine learning software, such as Python Sci-Kit, Tensor Flow, Weka, or MATLAB.
  • Prior experience with R, Java and Python along with an understanding of CS fundamentals and object-oriented programming.
  • Prior experience with model-building and algorithms.
  • Prior experience with Hadoop or Spark is a plus.
  • Prior experience with Business Intelligence tools is a plus.


As a data science and machine learning intern, you will use your skills and new ones we will help you to gain to help our organization and its clients develop novel solutions to improve the insights and quality of our/their products and services using sample and big data sets. On a day-to-day basis, you will collaborate with experts in the fields of machine learning and media and marketing analytics, apply your knowledge to solve interesting data-driven problems, and work hands-on to implement your ideas.


Currently pursuing or recent students in Masters or Ph.D. program in Math, Statistics, Engineering or related fields are strongly encouraged.

If you are interested and your profile matches the requirements mentioned, please send your profile to This is a paid position with compensation varying based on term length and prior background/skills/capabilities.

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