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Premium Publisher Outsources Monetization and Ad Operations , Doubles Revenue First Year

Client Type: Leading Astrology publisher with 1.2M monthly unique visitors and an average of 40 million ad impressions per month, before becoming a customer of MRP’s Managed Service Platform.

Challenge: For over ten years, one experienced ad sales executive and a part time ad operations person sold 40% to 50% of available Display ad impressions each month at CPMs of $0.40 – $0.80. Revenue was flat for years.        

Solution: In June 2016, the CEO and Publisher ordered MRP’s Managed Service Platform, retaining the MRP team to manage all ad operations, including programmatic and non-programmatic monetization.

Results : Revenue improved by 2x within four months. The business grew at a rate of 23% for the last twelve months.


Major MarTech Provider Selects MRP Advisers as Media Trading Desk and DMP-as-a-Service Managed Service Platform Partner

Client Type: Global independent CRM and E-mail technology and marketing services provider

Challenge: Sophisticated marketing services firm with Global 2000 clientele sought domain expert partner capable of providing comprehensive, competitive white label programmatic data-driven media services.

On-Going Solution: MRP Advisers provides the client with transparent Demand-Side and Supply-Side Managed Service including end-to-end media planning and execution of display trades on a forward or at-expiration basis buying and selling single or omnichannel programmatic and non-programmatic US and international advertising inventory. MRP also provides the client and their clients on a white-label basis comprehensive audience data and analytics services including Data Management Platform support and custom modeling. MRP also provides pre-sales marketing support, ad trafficking and serving, and continuous campaign reporting and analytics. The client provides specific brand and direct response marketer demand in the form of insertion orders while MRP provides all needed expertise, technology, personnel and reporting on a favorable cost basis.

Results: Client gets to focus on demand-generation and what it does best while programmatic and data specialist MRP makes all investments and conducts day-to-day operating responsibilities. Client and MRP share profits transparently, net of all related expenses.

MRP Delivers a leading Publisher End-to-End Managed Services Platform

Client Type: A leading publicly-traded U.S. omnichannel consumer publisher engaged MRP to manage all Monetization and Ad Operations services.

Challenge: While managing dramatic growth through acquisition, the client faced the challenge of connecting and managing an increasingly broad set of monetization and ad operation systems with inadequate staff and technology.

Solution: After hearing of MRP Advisers’ Managed Service Platform, the client engaged MRP to migrate all operations to a unified DFP / DSP / DMP / SSP platform as well as provide guidance for yield management, billing, reconciliation accounting, collection, and remittance.  The MRP team also established and manages a Private Marketplace (PMP) for publisher and has curated 18+ programmatic demand partnerships for this marketplace.

MRP provides 100% desktop and mobile ad inventory fill via direct and indirect demand supported by a dedicated Account Manager, ad operations and trafficking.  Full reporting and analytics services are provided via DatalyticsTM, MRP’s own cloud-based comprehensive unified Data, Analytics and Reporting Suite with on-demand dashboards, scorecards and alerts.

Results:  After the initial 30-day set-up period, the publisher consistently achieved eCPMs 20% higher than peak historical levels and fill rates that are 5% higher than ever achieved.  The publisher also reduced its non-editorial digital media operating costs by 38%.  The net impact thus far is a 13% overall increase in the profitability of the publisher’s digital media business.

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