The MRPTM Story

Media and Marketing executives are contending with profound changes in customer attitudes, consumer and business buyer behavior, the speed of technological innovation, massive data/analytics challenges, and extreme media and marketing product/service vendor proliferation and consolidation.

Industry analysts predict that by 2023 publishers, marketers and those that enable them will invest $100B+ annually (up from $30B+ today) in Media and Marketing Automation and Operations (Ad Tech + Mar Tech). Industry analysts and market participants consistently share there may be no faster growing, more dynamic or more complex enterprise-level product-market on the planet.

There may be no faster growing, more dynamic nor more labyrinthine set of product-markets than those that make up the new discipline known as Media and Marketing Resource Planning (MRP). Included in MRP is the migration to automation and results-driven, often audience-based algorithmic approaches known as Programmatic Media and Marketing.

Organizations invest in Media and Marketing Automation and Operations (Ad Tech + Mar Tech) to produce more revenue, profit and insight while reducing operating costs and headcount. MRP is the discipline of architecting, managing and optimizing these investments.

Media and Marketing Resource Planning, MRP, includes the definition, scheduling, segmentation, valuation, purchase/sale, monetization, delivery, tracking, optimization, and payment/collection of paid, owned and earned media and marketing-related data and campaigns.

The Seeds of Media and Marketing Resource Planning (MRP)


Advertising Technology

Known as “Ad Tech”, Advertising Technology is the different types of analytics and software-enabled business tools used in digital advertising, including extensive and complex systems used to plan, purchase, deliver, measure, and optimize advertising to individuals, devices, households, and locations.

Marketing Technology

Known as “Mar Tech”, Marketing Technology is composed of the tools, products, and platforms used by sales and marketing organizations to orchestrate and deliver commercial messages to target audiences to achieve intended outcomes.

Auction-based Electronic Trading

Auction-based Electronic Trading is a dynamic form of media trading where the price of ad inventory for current or future delivery is determined in real time by competing for algorithmically-generated electronic bids. Buyers are able to bid from a floor price with the bid going to the highest bidder. Programmatic media typically uses a second price auction model such that the highest bidder must pay $0.01 CPM more than the second highest bid.

Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic Marketing is the orchestration of customer and business partner experiences and managed outcomes employing the automated integration of data, technology, content, paid/owned/earned media, measurement/analytics, and optimization.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Known as “ERP”, Enterprise Resource Planning is a system of business process management software that enables an organization or supply/demand chain to use a system of integrated applications, products and platforms to automate many, if not most, repetitive or logic-based functions.

MRPTM Challenges

In effect, both the supply-side and demand-side of the industry are engaged in a very expensive, protracted arms race in which until greater commoditization, innovation and information diffusion, and specific training can take place, each market participant will continue to need the help of external, domain-specific professionals.

There are insufficient proven, relevant professionals and teams available to marketers, publishers, agencies and data/technology vendors to meet the end-to-end challenges of evaluating, planning, deploying, and optimizing modern media and marketing resource planning (“MRP”) tools. MRP is the only independent, professional end-to-end services resource devoted to the MRP industry.

MRP Advisers has developed end-to-end process maps and related modules to define and capture the business opportunity offered by this emerging multidisciplinary, multifunctional business category, one that mirrors the challenges and transformational opportunities industry and the industry has experienced in enterprise resources planning (“ERP”) and in electronic trading markets.

MRP Value Creation

Media and Marketing Resource Planning creates value by making media- and marketing-related processes that would otherwise have been performed manually or by discrete software more efficient, effective, and makes new insight, products/services, and processes possible.

When specified and deployed correctly and supported by the right resources organized optimally, these tools and processes offer clients (media companies, agencies, marketers, and their suppliers) greater efficiency and effectiveness, thus improving the likelihood of achieving their business goals and objectives.

Benefits of Programmatic

Cost effective

By targeting data, we serve impressions to a select audience. This increases chances for conversions and means less money lost on ineffective advertising.

Improved targeting

Reach the right audience by using many different data points and key performance indicators.

Manage campaigns efficiently

With advanced reporting, campaigns can be optimized regularly.

Access to more inventory

Most publishers participate in the programmatic space making it easier for advertisers to reach their audiences.

Greater reach

Reach users by placing ads within multiple ad networks, partners, channels and geographical locations.

Increased Effectiveness

Advanced measurability improves the success of the campaigns.

MRP Advisers Solutions: Managed Service

MRP Advisers operates a Managed Service Platform(MSP) on behalf of publishers, marketers and agency clients seeking to implement and manage data-driven digital media and marketing systems, solutions, processes, and controls.

With our multi-million dollar investment in technology and processes, coupled with our low-cost operations in India, clients outsource their digital media and marketing needs to us for a fraction of the investment and ongoing costs they would incur on their own. Each application is purpose built and customized to specific client needs.

The MRP Managed Service Platform is staffed 24x7x365 by proven specialists who save clients money and time achieving transparent, accountable performance while delivering meaningfully– often measurably–greater value.

In fact, clients outsource their digital media and marketing needs to MRP for a fraction of the investment and ongoing costs they would incur on their own. This savings stems from MRP’s continuous re-investment in technology and training, our low-cost global delivery model, and our deep focus on servicing a limited range of client needs.

MRP Advisers Solutions: Consulting

MRP Advisers consulting teams approach these challenges by offering clients deeply experienced subject matter experts, proven successful engagement teams, and interim senior management with a multidisciplinary, multifunctional and systematic approach to problem solving and value creation.

The MRP Advisers approach-–while purpose built to each client’s specific needs and interests—often follows a similar course:

■ Assessment (including Audit)

■ Strategy Development

■ Playbook (including detailed Action Plan)

■ Deployment (e.g., staff augmentation and organizational development, including executive and team recruitment and training)

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